Tissot strategy

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Strategy of Tissot Analysis

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Tissot SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

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Tissot Watches Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tissot SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

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Tissot frequently asked questions. Find answers to common questions such as shopping from our site, sizing and maintaining your watch, technical information and more. Visit the Tissot frequently asked questions page.

Tissot Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

Tissot entered into Viet Nam market so early, however, Vietnamese people still not know about Tissot wristwatch. One of the most serious reasons is ineffective marketing strategies. To give right decision and right marketing campaign, Tissot has to understand clearly about Viet Nam environment and its.

The poor relative performance and stagnant market share of the company provides the main rational for developing a new marketing strategy for Tissot, aimed at creating a stronger differentiation and more distinctive image for the brand. The marketing strategies of Tissot are built in promotion and advertising include: * High technology Tissot has launched a 3-D feature on its Web site allows consumers to use their Web cams to "try on" watches from its "Touch Collection" before purchasing them.

The company is shifting into the lower end of the watch market, a drastic change from its historical strategy. Lower, more entry-level watch brands (like Swatch-owned Tissot and Hamilton. Hands-on executive with a global vision of the business, Lionel Tissot is offering consulting support to mid-size companies in the field of Operations, IT and Support dailywn.com: Strategy & Business Management.

Tissot strategy
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