India after 1991

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25 years of liberalisation: A glimpse of India’s growth in 14 charts

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Economic liberalisation in India

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1991: Economic Reforms

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Financial Sector Reforms in India Since 1991

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1991 Indian economic crisis

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India: a geographical summary India is a country in the subcontinent of South Asia in the larger continent of Asia. South Asia is made up of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. India is the dominant country in the subcontinent.

The economic liberalisation in India refers to the changes and reforms, initiated inof the country's economic policies, with the goal of making the economy more market- and service-oriented, and expanding the role of private and foreign investment.

India's commercial banking system in had many of the problems typical of unreformed banking systems in many developing countries. There was extensive financial repression, reflected in detailed controls on interest rates, and large preemption of bank resources to finance the government deficit.

The Indian economic crisis had its roots in when India began having balance of payments problems as imports swelled, leaving the country in a twin deficit: the Indian trade balance was in deficit at a time when the government was running on a large fiscal deficit.

Banking sector reforms in india after 1. • Since nationalisation of banks inthe banking sector had been dominated by the public sector. Foreign direct investment in India increased from US $ millions in to US $ 40, million in March,an increase of about times. However, the country is far behind in comparison to some of the developing countries like China.

India after 1991
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