Impaired tissue integrity nursing diagnosis

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Impaired Skin Integrity – Nursing Care Plan & Nursing Diagnosis

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Impaired Tissue Integrity

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Impaired tissue integrity related to inflammatory process damaging skin and underlying tissue, secondary to cellulitis, manifested by pain, redness, swelling, warmth of site, and fever LTG: Client will have no complications from cellulitis or hospital stay by discharge.5/5(6).

your nursing diagnosis is incorrect. impaired skin integrity is only used for wounds that only go as deep as the epidermis and heal in a week.

once the subcutaneous tissue is involved, impaired tissue integrity is the diagnosis that needs to be used.

Risk for impaired Skin Integrity -Cancer Nursing Care Plan

when a surgeon cuts into the body to repair a hernia. Nov 30,  · Impaired Tissue (Skin) Integrity care plan Assessment. Assessment is necessary for the caregiver to recognize possible causes of impaired tissue integrity and identify the likely procedures that could transpire during the nursing NWS.

Nov 30,  · Impaired Tissue (Skin) Integrity care plan Goals and outcomes A care plan for impaired tissue integrity should provide a roadmap to for the nurse to assist the patient in reaching the following: Decrease in size of the wound and increased granulationAuthor: NWS.

Nursing care plan for impaired skin integrity (including diagnosis): The nursing care plan template below includes the following conditions: Impaired Skin Integrity, Risk for Skin Breakdown, Altered Skin Integrity, and Risk for Pressure Ulcers. A nursing diagnosis may be part of the nursing process and is a clinical judgment about individual, family, or community experiences/responses to actual or potential health problems/life processes.

Impaired tissue integrity nursing diagnosis
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Impaired Skin Integrity - Nursing Care Plan & Nursing Diagnosis - Health Conditions