Effects of colored light on plants

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Plant Science Fair Project Ideas

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Without light a plant cannot grow, reproduce, or photosynthesize. Plants utilize the different colors found in visible light to control different aspects of their growth. Today I round out my Wahls-inspired series on the health benefits of eating various classes of plant matter. If you’re just now joining us, be sure to watch the video in which Terry Wahls explains how eating a Paleo diet rich in leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, and brightly colored produce (plus meat and seaweed and fish and offal) coincided with a regression in her rapidly-progressing MS.

The effects of color on carbonic acid levels Mustafa Abdalla Alberto Moreno, D’Mario Robinson, Alexis Downey, Mong Trinh Doan BiologySection ; Prof. Corey Roelke; October 14th, Abstract: Different colors of light affect the development of plants in different ways.

Etiolation / iː t i ə ˈ l eɪ ʃ ən / is a process in flowering plants grown in partial or complete absence of light. It is characterized by long, weak stems; smaller leaves due to longer internodes; and a pale yellow color ().The development of seedlings in the dark is known as "skotomorphogenesis" and leads to etiolated seedlings.

Dec 12,  · Does The Color of Light Affect Plant Growth? ( ratings) by Crystal Beran. Grade Level: 4th - 7th; Type: Life Science. To determine if the color of light affects the growth of plants.

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What colors of light do plants need in order to gather energy from sunlight? What are the effects of colored light on plant growth? Explore plant /5().

Effects of colored light on plants
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Plant Science Fair Project Ideas