Cinema of attractions

Cinema Of Attractions

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Tom Gunning

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Broadway Street Eureka, CA Movie Line: Author: reserves Created Date: 8/21/ PM. The cinema of attractions model offered cinema studies a revolutionary new model when it was introduced, because it allowed film scholars to rewrite the hegemonic dominance of narrative absorption in film history.

Coming Attractions

Cinema of Attractions. Tom Gunning, "The Cinema of Attraction" () *is a term used to describe a cinema that bases itself on its ability to show something. A willingness "to rupture a self enclosed fictional world for a chance to solicit the attention of the spectator" (57).

12th Avenue Seaside, OR Movie Line: CINEMA OF ATTRACTIONS Cinema Of Attractions Cinema Of Attractions As early cinema began, its fascination with the image itself is what Tom Gunning describes as the lead attribute towards his idea of the Cinema of Attractions.

Cinema of attractions
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